Mahipal Lunia - Meditations of an Accidental Generalist
Join me in my explorations, my curiosities and my rough edges.
Dive into this search for a meaningful life paved by my fascinations.
They merge into the path of revival and wholeness.
The path towards the Majesty of Our Becoming.
I call it The Renaissance Path.

Book Reviews

Books I Love.

Pay It Forward

Helping Make A Difference Everyday.

Netting Innovation

Facilitating Product-Market Fit.

Into The Wild

Solitude, Freedom And Beauty.

Neuro Magick

Personal Growth At The Edge Of Neurocience, Mythology and Somatics.

Martial Arts

Adventures On The Path Of The Warrior Scholar.

Living Healthy

Holistic inputs for living.

What Ifs

Forgotten Possibilities


What's New?

Book Review: The Art of Work - Jeff Goins

The past few months have struggled quite a bit with what is it that I am supposed to be doing […]

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48 Loans to Help People build homes

  This month has been rough on me, however I want to continue keeping my promise of helping atleast one […]

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Saddness Can Blur Your Ability With Color

  Quite an amazing study.  For many years I have used my photography as a tool to explore my mood. […]

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Brains - Of artificial and real

Healthy inputs create healthy outputs – simple GIGO rule. For the last year have been hyper vigilant on making sure […]

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